Online Exhibition

My newest project Roundels was chosen as a finalist in Klompching Gallery's Fresh 2023 Annual Photography Exhibition which includes an online exhibition and printed catalogue.

Special thanks to artist Lisa Kairos for interviewing me in her Practice & Curiosity Substack newsletter. Subscribe! It's a great offering. In it I talk about my work, the contours and rhythm of my practice, the benefits of my paycheck job, and I share my trick for studio doldrums. You can access the interview here:
Online Exhibition
Two of my new photo/button pieces are featured in the online exhibition Photo But Not Photo. Special thanks to Dana Stirling at Float Magazine and curators Jennifer Marion and André Ramos-Woodard, editors of the space in between
My book is published by Stenen Press

Readers, no matter their age or language, will delight in this wordless picture book that follows the journey of a simple circle traveling through colorful landscapes. Adventures await in this vibrant world filled with curious sewing notions and colorful batik fabric. Lush palettes and imaginative backdrops usher us through portals, over hills, and behind curtains: So… is a magically unfamiliar world made of familiar things. Intricately designed by NYC-based artist Heather Cox, this work is at once parable and art-piece, sure to give new voice to your everyday household objects. So… is a story about who we meet, what we acquire, what we discard, and how we are quietly transformed along the way.

Hardback: $19.95

ebook: $15.95

9″ w x 9″ h x 0.25″ d

40 pages

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Artist and educator Alessandra Expósito and Heather Cox discuss the making of "So..." (4 min 39 sec)

"So… is an artist’s book by Heather Cox that elegantly animates familiar tools of sewing—thread, scissors, straight pins, bobbins, buttons, fringe, batik—into a visual theater that changes as the reader turns each page. So… is a soundless book which the reader can see, hear, and enjoy."

—Sabra Moore, artist and author of Openings: A Memoir from the Women's Art Movement, New York City 1970-1992

"Works of art in book form have tremendous power to transport their readers to new realms. So, along comes this exuberant work of art by Heather Cox that did just this for me, with exquisite style. So…speaks volumes in only a few pages, with no words at all. It follows the quirky and mysterious trail of a circle who, after many ups and downs and adventuring with someone new, becomes… someone new. The luxurious textile backgrounds tell stories of their own, offering more to discover and delight in at each re-reading. So… is a delightful gift. It is the kind of book that would easily inspire discussion and introspection for all ages. And it left me, just like the circle protagonist, changed. So… what’s better than that?"

—Karen Viola, book artist, KV Artworks

Limited Edition Signed Art Print
So… Fabric Studies is a Stenen Press Limited Edition fine art print that references the original illustrations in the artist book So... by Heather Cox.

Medium: Glicee digital print on paper with cut-out

Paper Size: 11 in w x 14 in h (28 cm w x 35.5 cm h)

Limited edition of 100 prints, signed and numbered

$250.00 USD

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